ECB Sees Interest Rates on Hold at Least Through End of 2019

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Apr.10 -- The European Central Bank held the main refinancing and deposit facility rates steady as they see rates remaining on hold at least through the end of this year. Bloomberg's Matt Miller reports on "Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas."

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Sentence that was the main supplies of our frail ah so far i haven't really seen any big surprises i mean we knew pretty much cyrano hold their rates steady through least at the end of this year we expect any change in the deposit facility and really know that changes that were expecting alex as you know i'm sure all are in just the language of the talk about the hell that they can give to bank city it's hell froze so we still need price silly silly details on that sales rose and any anything it wants hearing if they even mention it today will be a little bit surprising may link the euro to some extent how we aren't back and talk to a number of analysts apparatus programs here in europe this morning we don't expect them to really say not to bats earring turning out to get any kind of detail that they're still number of gunners on the board were very firmly against it is not the mathers nothingness in the headlines about satirical there as sullivan licenses and specifically make no refers to tell from churches manicured surprised that judge will last time this is the worst the exact details of that and i don't think we expected that we that have details on the dispute
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