Trump, China, and the Chaos of Foreign Policy

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Jan.23 -- In "Single Best Chart," Jonathan Tepperman, Editor-in-chief at Foreign Policy Magazine, examines U.S.-china trade and changes to U.S. foreign policy. He speaks at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, on "Bloomberg Surveillance."

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Sentence congratulations or the opposition a decade of global niggers live from up here are right now is unusual dials wagner's gum wonderful energy on new frisa cargo and postal worker world was exhorts about the end of economics are we the end of foreign policy with the chaos is out there no i don't think so and you know it's bizarre time for i'm for coffee and lawlessness and that too is still play book doesn't work anymore in the old days is a very clear template for high you reform calls the article you talk about what should be done and then you talked about what the administration arm is likely to do and it was a close ally in the twenty two now of course the administration that rejects experts who rejects advice on it is totally unpredictable so the template of how you ready for a call see right bartel has to completely change the title what should happen but then you talk to talk about what on earth is actually happening exactly capitalizations likely be doing if there's any way to reconcile the best practice with what actually going out that were good summer was a return home articles or robert can wonderful solves all turns the music john muir scheirer chicago paul should now what is this is robert couple what is stated that right now and realist philosophy that hard knuckled his injury in policy within your world lee realist rain what's interesting in the war the real assert having a hard time because on one hand they don't want raced on the other hand on other things that they're doing are consistent or superficially at least consistent with religion innocence of a strong us from fourteen on adventures like it lights like syria omni that questioning about a u. s. allies and interpretations around the world on the same time what smart realist will argue is that omelet the first want to thank you all will be less institute or created to marshall is or says i'm not get involved in foreign fights that are it's business on it should be using these other force multiplier is like the wind systems like trees like international situations that from this spring do that as well so even if that smart aren't really someone from the scheming assisted don't realize i'm on where we withdrawal we don't put anything in this place what's china's foreign policy for twenty ninety and focus so much on the u. s. and china relationship maybe we can't forget china's of four policy with the korean side right i mean to to capetown is a very tough spot right now because it's getting pushed back on all sorts of rights it's big bell who wrote an issue this infrastructure when it was done and title for old china is it is looking a lot less good than it is today because of the way that china has dropped deals with many of its partners which in turn beg to be quite herbaceous and beneficial for the chinese but not for the local partners of their pushing back on the chinese economy is slowing the drug administration is hitting them very very hard on trade the chinese i'm not our proving last resilient i see us as a what about you having as our new alliances russia all that they're they're the delights of russia isn't new but it is always and will always be a limited alliance because chinese and russian interests but beyond that they don't have that much in common on what the shuttle do i think that you're actually returned to the chinese policy was under gu jun tao bomb although not calling is which is a much more restraint palsy the part your bowels of impasse who win in foreign policy and breathe a personal grudge chart our chose a factor of chinese g. d. p. growth to show this is there's really no richard dollars right now for the migration routes of seven percent on chinese g. for giant of government we do log g. d. p. just a damsel you were the bloomberg loud abilities here go to for weighs in on page sixty two the giant of dartmouth college and he's as yours was to watch for for president from what is jonathan to ackerman can watch for in the new american foreign policy on a train civilian think they're worried it's exactly right which is the question right now is this trial that actually a free trader or is he an anarchist and iowa's who just wants to blow up the system and put her out and nothing in it's place and a question i think therapy that the answer will be whether we strike the trade deal with china or not because if you talk to me reason is a part of your visit to talk to people like us to two different sets of answers there are people was a young woman in fact revealed that there are others who say we don't want deal because we wanted the kopple u. s. economy from the chinese on

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