U.S. Jobs Report Mainly a 'Shutdown Effect,' Economist Gapen Says

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Mar.08 -- Michael Gapen, chief U.S. economist at Barclays, examines the U.S. February jobs report and explains why hiring may have declined so sharply for the month. He speaks with Bloomberg's Jonathan Ferro on "Bloomberg Markets: The Open."

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Sentence one of the talc was this morning on the back of this kind of support oh i think the panel is correct that we should look at the trend and that's largely why you can dispel this and here's here's the reason why i think of her use establishment their rules just tell people and their rules so includes multiple job holders if you are furloughed government worker or private sector contractor on the work maybe when took a part time job done in january see would've shown up in retail were returned hospitality or maybe construction and then therefore you would been counted twice in the general plumber number was half right and the household survey you would've been classified as working part time for economic reasons something that was up about five hundred ninety thousand last month so you can reverse full combat the small you about your one job so you're not counted twice and then you get the sharp decline in part time for for economic reasons like to think this is mainly a shutdown of fact with some bad weather sprinkle than i do think truth is somewhere between the january federated roughly a hundred and seventy five thousand jobs a month which is where economy growing somewhere between two and one half percent as part of that someone could we have to wait till next month it's mom's typically these effects on the u. s. economy is unassailable you sent me out the detroit so that the shutdown and in other factors are gonna make the economic activity that are really noisy and i think you wanted and we just have to we just have to wait for someone who was this device of hawaii snowbird we discount the outline headlines they cut the discount white favors wildwood believe that not items in general i believe because if it's that the broader trend that's been in place that whether it's three or three minor for unemployment rate was to open but the type
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